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Sunergy Solar control glass with pyrolytic low-e coating



Applauded for its superb appearance and visual comfort, Sunergy combines very low light reflection with a large range of colours. This range of solar control hard-coated glass (type A following EN 1096-1) guarantees a good comfort level by combining low E performance (low U value) and high solar control properties (low solar factor).
It also offers architects and glass processors limitless creativity to use a single glass in several ways: single glass, double and triple glazed units, laminated, bent, toughened, enamelled, etc.). Thanks to its pyrolitic technology, this range delivers good light and energy performances and good thermal insulation and is very easy to process.


  • Infinite shelf life
  • Thanks to the Low-E characteristics, it has a U value 1,8 W/sqmK, and can be combined with a second low E glass to reduce the U value even more
  • Lowers air-conditioning costs thanks to its low solar factor


Excellent for exterior applications such as facades of office buildings. It can also be used for windows in residential buildings.

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