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Stopray Magnetron coated glazings combining solar control and low emissivity



Well-known as a top-class solar glazing, Stopray, AGC’s range of soft coatings (type C following EN 1096-1), allows the highest level of natural light into a building but no heat. As a result, it delivers high solar protection while being transparent and maintaining a neutral colour. Always used as double or triple glazing, it is suitable for use in all climates as it controls heat entering in the summer and keeps heat from escaping during the winter. Since Stopray is also available in temperable versions (Stopray T range), this brand offers architects more design freedom and flexibility in their projects.


  • Delivers the highest level of selectivity (1.89) -- ratio between light transmission (72%) and solar protection (38%).
  • Lowers air-conditioning and heating costs, while offering the highest level of natural lighting.
  • Available in a large range of neutral colours, light transmission and solar protections levels
  • Offers very low thermal insulation (Ug value 1.0 W/m²)


Mainly used for facades in tertiairy and office buildings. 

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