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OSRAM LEDTOUCH Cylinder Surface Downlight


LEDTOUCH™ Cylinder Downlight series is the ideal energy-saving replacement for 35W, 70W and 150W metal halide downlights, which provides high quality lighting for high-ceiling spaces for both indoor and outdoor applications. Intelligent control is available on request for better energy efficiency and operation efficiency. 


Product Highlights 

      Good replacement for 35W, 70W and 150W metal halide downlights

      Indoor and outdoor applications for high-ceiling spaces

      Long lifetime up to 50,000 hours


Advantages & Benefits

Quality light

      Low glare ≤19

      Flicker-free light that uniformly distributed to create amicable environment 

Energy saving

      50% energy saving compared to metal halide downlight

High reliability

      50,000 hours lifetime ensured by OSRAM driver and well- design thermal dissipation

      Excellent mechanical design to ensure light weight and safety



      Train stations


      Commercial buildings

      Shopping mall atria


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