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Mada Nonwoven

Mada Nonwoven is one of the leading manufacturer of high quality Polypropylene Spunmelt spunbond is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality Polypropylene Spunmelt and Polyester Needlepunch Nonwovens serving the entire range of Hygiene,Industrial and Construction applications.

Polypropylene Spunmelt Thermalbond Nonwovens with Bicomponent capability uses the latest state of the art Reicofil 4 SMMS technology, meeting the demands of Hygiene, Medical, Industrial and Agriculture markets in both Monocomponent and Bicomponent versions, and with Hydrophilic treatment as applicable.  

Polyester Needlepunch uses the latest direct spun continuous filament technology of ORV, serving the Roofing, Geotextile and other industrial and technical markets. Great flexibility of our technology allows us to engineer our products to meet product application requisites. 

Our vision is to become a key player in these fields by producing innovative, high value added products and by collaborating with our customers to meet any specific requirements.

Based in Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, our strategic location allows easy access to raw material, and serve our global clients in a very efficient and cost effective way.

Mada Nonwoven strives to become a leading supplier of quality PP & PET nonwovens in the region and to be among the top 5 nonwoven suppliers in the world.

Our Strength

  • Mada Nonwovens uses state of the art technology
  • PP: Reifenhauser Reicofil-4 with 4 beams and bico capability.
  • PET: ORV continues filament, needle punched.
  • Mada Monwoven products include standard spunbond, high meltlown, low meltblown and PP/PE BICO
  • Products supplied arrange from 10 to 100gsm (PP) and 90 to 500 gsm (PET)
  • Mada Nonwovens uses automatic slitting and rovotic packing equipment to ensure hygiene and efficiency
  • State of the art laboratory equipment for product development for both PP and PET plans
  • Local availability of major raw materials.

PP Nonwovens

The manufacture of spunbond monwovens fabrics entails a continuous process, which converts thermoplastic raw material (Polypropylene) into a web composed of continuous filamants. These vary filaments are uniformly laid down into random three dimensional structures. The web is then passed on to a calendar, which thermally bond the web in a consolidate spunboard.

The process allows to manufacture products that meet the needs of such diverse markets as hygiene, medical, agriculture and in industrial applications. The fabrics are breathable, soft, light, nontoxic and friendly to the environment.

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