Light is not just a vital part of our everyday lives, but a major source of inspiration when designing workspaces, homes and commercial buildings. It drives architects and designers to seek out innovative modes of expression.

With the ever-changing landscape of architecture, bring your buildings to life with light and colours without compromising on the aesthetics. Transform your glass façade or interiors into a communication medium and harness the LEDs embedded inside Glassiled to open whole new dimensions for your creativity. The LEDs (Light-emitting diodes) – either monochrome or RGB (red, green, blue) – are powered via a super-efficient, transparent conductive layer and combined with advanced lighting technology.

Let your building be an interactive and artistic display for branding, media, animation or decoration to stand out. Vision is not obstructed and the glass retains its primary function: transparency. At the flick of a switch, you can illuminate your medium and transform it any way you wish.

Developed and manufactured by AGC in strict compliance with very high standards, Glassiled combines the best in glass and light.

Glassiled delivers unparalleled and dynamic illumination to attract and engage your occupants or the community. You can do more with Glassiled to display your content creatively and uniquely on architecture for years to come.


– Customised design for each project
– Pleasant, high-impact appearance: high luminosity and brightness
– Invisible wiring and visibility: glass retains 99% of its transparency
– Possible combination with other glass products to specify multiple functions: thermal insulation, solar protection, safety, design and more
– Easy installation and maintenance of the electronics
– Low energy consumption and low operating costs
– Durability: Conformance to European CE requirements for glass and electronic components
– Personalised and professional service during the design and installation stage with dedicated after-sales service


Glassiled is ideal for a variety of architectural and design applications for sign, branding and illumination.

– Facades
– Curtain wall
– Skylights
– Shopfronts

– Partitions
– Window displays
– Balustrades


AGC Glassiled Brochure

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